Hi, welcome!

It’s been a hot minute since I used this space for anything creative so re-introductions are probably necessary around here.

I’m Sheri, mom to 2 boys – Walker, currently in college, and Nate, who’s finishing up his senior year in high school. I am also lucky enough to be called step-mom to Sarah, an amazingly talented interior designer living in L.A. (AKA as the kid who’s now officially off of our payroll. SUCCESS!) And, lastly, wife to an amazing man that knows exactly the right moment to whisk me away on an adventure.

Last year’s adventure, swimming up to Soggy Dollar Bar in Jost Jan Dyke

This year is pretty big deal around here for our family – there have been a lot of changes in the last 6 months, and it looks like we have a lot more headed our way. I thought that maybe blowing the dust off of the blog and start writing again to capture these moments might be a great creative outlet for me. Not to mention, give me a good way to embarrass a kid or two.

In July of last year, we sold off our two full time rental houses and reinvested that money into a seasonal rental in New Smyrna Beach, a small seaside village on the east coast of Florida. Then in August, I moved my oldest son to Syracuse for school. Now we’re planning a move to Florida full time, which means we are in full-on renovation mode with our home in Charlotte in order to get it on the market by the spring.

The Charlotte house – as pretty as it is, it’s not home. Back to Florida we go! Anybody wanna buy a house?

If all of that wasn’t enough, I have a pretty big birthday this year! I turn 50. I would really like someone to tell me how exactly that happened because I am most certainly 36. Truth be told, I am not someone that dreads birthdays – I love celebrating them (it’s better than the alternative) and the reason I rather enjoy them is my core group of girlfriends all have July birthdays so we all celebrate together. And 2 of us turn 50 within days of each other so this year our celebration is going to be amazing! Our husbands are taking us to Greece to celebrate and I’m super excited for this adventure. Summer of ’69 babies are the best babies, I mean, we have our own song for pete’s sake.

So, that’s about it for introductions. I hope you stop by often, I’ve always got wine to share, and sometimes I even break out the crystal. I’m fancy like that.


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