I’m goin’ to Carolina

A strong resume of project management, marketing skills, and operations leadership.

Long before I was a virtual assistant, I had my first real sales job in Atlanta for a company that <shock> was purchased and I was let go.  In a flash, I was unemployed, with a condo payment and a dog, who, at the time, ate more than I did. (Hello, single girls – remember those days? Lean Cuisines and boxes of wine.) I needed a job. Like yesterday.

Enter the temp agency.  The temp agency placed me in a marketing role at a wireless upstart. The hours were long, but I learned all about competitive analysis, co-op programs, RFPs, and  dealing with ad agencies.  The company grew, they were ready to launch publicly, but they needed someone who understood excel and database systems so they could actually pay their sales folks.  So, I was promoted to finance.

Resume so far; sales – marketing manager – commissions analyst.

Fast forward down the road after a jailbreak from finance, and I’m back in sales.  Where I did quite nicely for myself for a bit until the company is sold.

Management scooped me up as part of their exit plan to Start-up Number 2 as, once again, their marketing manager for the national retail channel. That title lasted about a day, long enough for them to realize that they were weak operationally, and I could (temporarily, that was the promise anyway) do both, operations and marketing.

I quickly learned that sales operations is the glue that holds everything together.  I learned inventory forecasting and management, how to barter for floor space in big box stores, how to hire and train hundreds of part-timers, how to launch not only a product but entire sales teams.

Note: Add operations manager to resume.

And then company #2 is bought. By company #1.  Ironic, no?


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