Farmhouse is not my style.

I know. Please don’t call the interior design police on me. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Fixer Upper, but can I tell you a secret? I’m kind of over seeing the same farmhouse-shiplap-white paint on every freakin’ episode.

And i have no idea how to describe my current house style. I seriously tried to describe it to the sweet girl that was helping me at the lighting store a few months back but she tilted her head and gave me a puzzled look, and said “…oh..ok…I see…” I don’t think she saw. But she tried. And it’s quite funny now that I think about how I described the look I was going for to her. It went something like…”If Ralph Lauren had a farmhouse, but not a Idaho/fly-over state farmhouse – a Connecticut, lots of horses-in-pasture farmhouse. With some industrial thrown in. And exposed brick. Kind of English country house without the Waverly prints everywhere.”

She was too young i think to know what Waverly is/was or catch (what I was sure was) a funny throwback reference to Waverly, or even who Ralph is. Oh you millenial creatures are something…i want your youth.

It was a little perplexing. I get it. I probably should have said something like…I like a layered look. A mix of old and new.

Classic style, but not trying too hard

And, it needs to have a masculine edge, not really too feminine

The problem is, I don’t think she was “getting it” because it’s not a trend. And that’s a good thing, but..not when you’re trying to put a house together somewhat quickly. It becomes very hard to pull off. I can’t walk into Kirklands or Homegoods and get everything i need in one or two trips. It ends up looking very contrived. I become a “try-hard” in the words of my son. It’s like, when you rent a condo at the beach, every towel has the ubiquitous flip-flop, or seashell or starfish on it, and the colors are all Key West inspired. We get it. We’re at the beach.

Then, I happened to stumble across Home Town and Erin Napier. Yes! FINALLY. Who is this girl and where has she been all my grown up HGTV life??

I saw this, and went…wait…what?? She KNOWS what this style is all about. It’s not all pale gray and a sea of white slipcovers. How gorgeous is this foyer?

Dark, jewel-tones. History on the wall. A love of old. Then, I saw her bathroom reno. THE GREEN. Be still my heart. THE GREEN. There is nothing that i DON’T love about this. The vanity…the tub…the tile work…and can we just talk about that brass?? Sigh.

Oh Erin. I heart you so.

Now I guess I can start referring to my style as “kind of Erin Napier” that a thing? Can i make that a thing? Off to find some more dark paint and old frames…and some (more) brass.

If you want to see more of her stuff, you can watch Home Town on HGTV or follow her on IG under @erinapier
Oh! and the girl keeps a journal. Well, it’s a blog, but she calls it a journal, and she journals something every day. #writinggoals y’all. All I’m sayin’.

Read it here

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  1. Big yes, to Home Town! Love it. So glad I found it. Enough of the the white farmhouse. Just give me some Erin Napier-Home Town style. Please make it a thing.

  2. I have been a closet objector of farmhouse style. Not any more. Glad someone said it out loud. Has anyone actually been in a real farmhouse? It’s very far removed from the sea of shiplap and whitewash we are being drowned in. Love your style. It speaks ‘home’ in every way.

  3. Exactly Maureen! Timeless. They are pure gold, those 2. I would love to pick their brain on our house 🙂 One can dream…LOL.

  4. I love Erin too! Her decorating style is so charming and curated. Timeless! We met Ben and Erin when they premiered Hometown in Laurel. They are authentic lovely people.

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