80’s Master Bath Makeover Plan and Progress

When you buy an older home (which seems to be the only kind we buy) there is always the “Grand Plan”. Pinning goes into hyper-drive, you create boards for EVERYTHING. And some of them are just dumb. Like… IDEAS FOR WALLPAPERING THE INSIDE OF GARAGE CLOSET. I mean, seriously. If you want to see how *extra I can become, just meander through all my Pinterest boards. I’ve got some doozies in there. And then…at some point I go into this negative panic. I become overwhelmed with all the great ideas I’ve saved and I get too scared to make the first step. That’s about when, without fail, the Universe steps and lends in a helping hand.

And such it was with our master bath. Case in point.

We knew when we bought the house that we were gutting the bathroom next year. There was no room in this year’s budget for an overhaul to that degree. And, while even on the smaller size, it was really pretty vanilla and not offensive at all. We didn’t mind the brass, and after coming from a bathroom twice it’s size, I kinda welcomed a smaller one to mop, truth be told.

I have no idea what made this realtor take such a dark picture. The space actually does get quite a bit of light.

See? Pretty much a blank slate, this one.  So when Bessie the Bathtub decided to she was no longer going to live in this space as is, we had to make a plan. Because…if there’s one thing I was sure of…it was that I was not going to live with gaping holes in the bathtub skirt, chunks of grout on the tile and tools scattered about for weeks on end.  Might I add this happened at 10:00pm in the middle of the week. Pure awesomeness.  Because who doesn’t want to hear their husband banging around and cursing at midnight when you desperately want to sleep?

So, back to Pinterest I went, to forge a plan on the cheap.  Since we’re not ready to do a full gut job (read: our finances are not ready for a full gut job) – we need a Band-Aid budget solution. And this is what we’ve come up with:

For right now, this is the plan to get us through for now:

  1. Fix the tub
  2. Re-tile where smashed
  3. Re-grout and re-caulk the shower where needed
  4. Paint the walls
  5. Paint the vanity
  6. Raise the vanity (this i’m not sure about yet. It’s 80’s short but not sure what that then means for adjusting pipes and addressing flooring on the immediate)
  7. New mirror
  8. New lighting
  9. New cabinet hardware
  10. Spray the shower frame champagne gold*
  11. New artwork over tub (really digging vintage paint by number pieces i’m seeing all over etsy, especially those that have lake and mountain scenes since we’re in a lake community)
  12. New rug

About #9 – spray painting the shower frame. I’m both terrified and scared to try the shower frame project – BUT I was really intrigued when Lauren from Bless’er House transformed her builder grade shower in her last house into a farmhouse industrial look so I figured, what the heck – we might as well try it since we’re eventually gutting it anyway.  (As an aside, what she’s doing to her new-old house is pretty cool as well, and is definitely worth the follow)

And here’s a sneak peek of that blue vanity – yep…like I said on IG …all the feels on this one. Definitely better – hopefully by this time next week, i’ll have made progress on the shower frame. That’s today’s project.




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Farmhouse is not my style.

I know. Please don’t call the interior design police on me. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Fixer Upper, but can I tell you a secret? I’m kind of over seeing the same farmhouse-shiplap-white paint on every freakin’ episode.

And i have no idea how to describe my current house style. I seriously tried to describe it to the sweet girl that was helping me at the lighting store a few months back but she tilted her head and gave me a puzzled look, and said “…oh..ok…I see…” I don’t think she saw. But she tried. And it’s quite funny now that I think about how I described the look I was going for to her. It went something like…”If Ralph Lauren had a farmhouse, but not a Idaho/fly-over state farmhouse – a Connecticut, lots of horses-in-pasture farmhouse. With some industrial thrown in. And exposed brick. Kind of English country house without the Waverly prints everywhere.”

She was too young i think to know what Waverly is/was or catch (what I was sure was) a funny throwback reference to Waverly, or even who Ralph is. Oh you millenial creatures are something…i want your youth.

It was a little perplexing. I get it. I probably should have said something like…I like a layered look. A mix of old and new.

Classic style, but not trying too hard

And, it needs to have a masculine edge, not really too feminine

The problem is, I don’t think she was “getting it” because it’s not a trend. And that’s a good thing, but..not when you’re trying to put a house together somewhat quickly. It becomes very hard to pull off. I can’t walk into Kirklands or Homegoods and get everything i need in one or two trips. It ends up looking very contrived. I become a “try-hard” in the words of my son. It’s like, when you rent a condo at the beach, every towel has the ubiquitous flip-flop, or seashell or starfish on it, and the colors are all Key West inspired. We get it. We’re at the beach.

Then, I happened to stumble across Home Town and Erin Napier. Yes! FINALLY. Who is this girl and where has she been all my grown up HGTV life??

I saw this, and went…wait…what?? She KNOWS what this style is all about. It’s not all pale gray and a sea of white slipcovers. How gorgeous is this foyer?

Dark, jewel-tones. History on the wall. A love of old. Then, I saw her bathroom reno. THE GREEN. Be still my heart. THE GREEN. There is nothing that i DON’T love about this. The vanity…the tub…the tile work…and can we just talk about that brass?? Sigh.

Oh Erin. I heart you so.

Now I guess I can start referring to my style as “kind of Erin Napier” ..LOL..is that a thing? Can i make that a thing? Off to find some more dark paint and old frames…and some (more) brass.

If you want to see more of her stuff, you can watch Home Town on HGTV or follow her on IG under @erinapier
Oh! and the girl keeps a journal. Well, it’s a blog, but she calls it a journal, and she journals something every day. #writinggoals y’all. All I’m sayin’.

Read it here

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Little bit lifestyle blog, bigger bit house renovation…with a side of Jesus.

When you haven’t had an active blog in years, and you get the urge to let your creative side come out again, it’s hard to get started. That first sentence. It’s a hard one. What do you say…Hello…I’m back..? The inner geek voice in my head was wanting to start it with “Captain’s Log; Stardate…” but, thought against it. Because…blog traffic.

I truly am a career-girl; interrupted. It seems every time I get into a groove with my job – wham! Layoff, department switch, or relocation (Hello, Charlotte!) – but that’s a story for a different day. But it is how I got here, to Charlotte. Or rather, Ft. Mill South Carolina. If you’re geography-challenged like me and wonder wait, is she in Charlotte NC or South Carolina – I live a few miles from the NC-SC state line, AKA Charlotte-south. Where everything is cheaper like gas and taxes, and you can buy the really good fireworks legally. Makes for an awesome 4th of July.

All of that said, we are loving this area…and this is a picture of our new-to-us house…we love her. And all of her quirks. We only love some of her attitude. Which pops up sometimes when we ask her to try something new. More on that later. I keep calling her a fixer upper, but really, that’s not fair. She’s amazing as is. She just needs to be more…us.

This is the picture from the real estate listing. My husband likes to remind me that he bought me a house for my birthday last year. Which is true, kind of. We put the offer in and it was accepted on my birthday, and then we thought we weren’t going to close. Again, another story for another day.

Let me give you a tour via the real estate listing pics. The people we bought the house from are now friends of ours (Hi Julie!) – funny how life works. I ask her every time I see her if it makes her crazy to see what we’re doing to the house. She is always gracious and says no, that they love what we’re doing. (It’s got to be weird, though, right??) Anyhow – here’s where we started. Believe me when I say I know how lucky we are to have THIS as a starting point. Blessed is an understatement.

Ok, enough chat on the doorstep, come inside already!

Not a bad entry…and we’ve already got some change here that I will do a post on.

If you head on past the staircase you end up in our family room. Cozy right?

Now turn around, our kitchen is behind you. Big plans for this space. Little budget, but big plans.

I feel like I’ve pushed this post into picture overload today, so I’ll wrap it up. It’s really nice to have a creative outlet again, it’s been too long. Come back soon y’all, I love having people over! It might be a construction zone, but real friends don’t care, right?


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