Do you need help, not staff? Then it’s time to hire a virtual assistant!

When you hire me as your virtual assistant, you’re getting 10+ years of national retail experience in sales, marketing, inventory and ops management.  My skill and expertise can be verified through referrals and my work ethic will match yours. Guaranteed.  I’m building a business too, don’t forget.

I understand that hiring someone to take over critical components of your business can be scary.  I get that. But do you know what’s scarier? Watching your baby, your dream, bleed to death from a million paper cuts because you were too afraid to delegate.

Do you need a sales team? I can help recruit and train.

Do you have a sales team? Let me create and manage their performance dashboards for you.

Having trouble finding the time to build a great training piece? I’ve created over 100.

Need someone to just take over your customer outreach program? Piece of cake.

What about those stacks of invoices that need to paid, or those deposits that need to be entered?

I’ve done all of this and more and would love to help you.


Product Description Writing
Sales and Sales Staff Reporting
Marketing Plans
Competitive Research and Analysis
New Product Resourcing
PowerPoint presentations
CRM or customer base management (email outreach, newsletter creation, sales promotions)
Data Entry
Social Media Account Creation (Twitter, FB, YouTube, Pinterest)


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