Trading one paycheck for several and in the process, finding freedom within my career.
Aug 13

August 13, 2014

shaklee 180 peach shake

Weight-ing and Watching

One of the things that I most love to do in this world is eat.  And I don’t mean, like, I say I love to eat and then you see my mowing down a salad. No. When I say that I love to eat, I mean that I can have pot roast, mashed potatoes and gravy and greens and a biscuit AND sweet tea, and be looking for cobbler shortly thereafter.  And those that know me well, know this to…

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Jul 29

July 29, 2014

Virtual Assistant, managing client conflict

Virtual Assistant – Compliment or Client Conflict…?

Reading between the lines during client conflicts. The other day I received a compliment disguised as an accusation. I was sitting at my desk and the following text hit my phone: “Are you working for <insert client’s competition here>??” I sat there for a few minutes, not knowing exactly how to reply to that, for a few reasons. I didn’t even know the company my client was referring to, for starters, but because of a keyword in the biz name,…

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Aug 26

August 26, 2014


I put on earrings to go to the DMV. Oh yes I did.

Did you ever have a task to do that you knew was going to be so god-awful painful that you put it off, begged other people to do it for you, and when that didn’t work, resorted to bribery? That was this task. And yes, I did all of the above. And when I couldn’t convince the husband to add it to his plate – even with some “wife witchery” – I had to buck up and just do it….

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Aug 11

August 11, 2014

Re-painting the house DIY

It’s time to paint the house!

Re-painting the house. Our house has been in need of paint and stucco repair since we bought it over 4 years ago, but we put it off for other pressing matters, like putting in a pool (definitely a pressing matter in land-locked Orlando), re-painting the inside (more than once), installing wainscoting in the dining room, hanging barn doors…the list. Oh, the list. But it’s time. It has taken me MONTHS to finally pick a color – and thanks to my…

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Aug 11

August 11, 2014

after party

The After-party

Ugh. We are finally back from a 3 week vacation.  And that’s probably using the word “vacation” lightly.  There are trips, and then there are vacations.  I think as long as you are responsible for keeping smaller humans alive, it is not a vacation. But..we did have fun.  I think.  When my oldest wasn’t skulking about, or it wasn’t raining, or there weren’t discussions being had about someone’s driving…not saying who… Plus I ate anything that wasn’t tied down.  I…

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Aug 2

August 2, 2014

Love an Marriage. Work outside the 9 to 5

Reminders…A love story.

Faith and Marriage I showed you this mess of tools I had sitting on my office floor yesterday, and I mentioned that there was a story behind it. This is it.  I originally posted this years ago on another blog, but wanted to resurrect it today. This is what i look at on a daily basis. In some sort of fashion or another.   It’s not always that same pile.  Sometimes there’s a quart of paint (just pick a color –…

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